Frances Sides, San Francisco, CA

<p>Charred Piracicaba Broccoli<br />
Green Farro, Sieved Egg, Aleppo Chili<br />

<p>Grilled Chicories<br />
Rome Beauty Apple, Toasted Hazelnuts, Cider Vinaigrette<br />
$9.00<br />
&nbsp;<br />
Melted Leek<br />
And White Cornmeal Spoonbread, Flavor Fall Pluot Preserves<br />

<hr />
<p>Frances, San Francisco, CA</p>

<li>Address: 3870 17th St,&nbsp;San Francisco, CA 94114&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;b/t Pond St &amp; Noe St&nbsp;Castro</li>
<li>Phone number:&nbsp;(415) 621-3870</li>

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